About Us


Where does one begin when beginning to write an about page about ones self, spouse & family? I suppose my wife and I are like most normal married couples from our age bracket. Only that theres nothing normal about us. Although Nicole and I are both in our early 30’s most people would consider us boring or older than we appear. Maybe we’ve been here before or maybe everyone else is weird and we’re the normal ones. Who knows… but we’ve been married almost five & half years and have one child together. Our daughter Olivia is turning one soon and is the joy of our lives. We first when we were 15 and never pictured oversells where we are today. We decided to create this blog to document our trials, struggles, growth and happiness as a young married couple living in this generation. As well as share the journey or raising of our daughter and somewhere along the way our pursuit of the meaning of life, afterlife, truth or lack thereof. I like to consider myself multifaceted and honestly a little eclectic. I joke I’m not all there but anyone who swears they’re sane are truly the crazy ones. Trust me on that.

My interest cover everything from history, technology, marketing, sports, religion, antiques, collectibles, good movies, good hip hop and everything in between.

So expect a bit of everything from me on this blog.


So, how can I describe myself? I am a 30 year old wife of 5 years and mother of a 10 month old daughter.

My interests are good books, natural hair, traveling, learning the ins and outs of parenthood and marriage, and trying to figure out where I fit in this place we call Earth.

I am one who loves to stay within my comfort zone and play it safe, but after becoming a mother and turning 30 I thought it was time to shake things up a bit. This is where grant chronicles comes in. I would’ve never thought that I would document my experiences of life for people to read, but why not? It just may inspire someone to do the same. This blog will basically document my growth and learning experiences in the areas of marriage, parenthood, womanhood, and lifestyle.