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  • Parenting

    Dear Judgmental Mom

    Dear Judgmental Mom, I am writing this letter to you because I have noticed the stares, whispers, and blatant comments you’ve giving me for a while now. I’ve noticed your stare…

  • Parenting

    Motherly Instincts?

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for checking back in to Grant Chronicles. There is a topic that I wanted to talk to you about that is close to my heart and one that…

  • Lifestyle

    Beginning my weight loss journey

    Hi everyone! It is time for that talk again. What talk you say? It’s mid April and my journey for weight loss started and ended lol BUT now is the time…

  • Parenting


    7 TIPS FOR NEW MOMS I am a mother of a 12th month old baby girl and OMG I was not ready for the motherhood journey. For the 41 weeks I…

  • Natural Hair

    I’m about that natural life

    WHY I WENT NATURAL Hi Everyone! Every time I am out and about, someone stops and asks me questions about my hair. So, I decided to post about my natural hair…