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    Dear Judgmental Mom

    Dear Judgmental Mom, I am writing this letter to you because I have noticed the stares, whispers, and blatant comments you’ve giving me for a while now. I’ve noticed your stare…

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    Motherly Instincts?

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for checking back in to Grant Chronicles. There is a topic that I wanted to talk to you about that is close to my heart and one that…

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    7 TIPS FOR NEW MOMS I am a mother of a 12th month old baby girl and OMG I was not ready for the motherhood journey. For the 41 weeks I…

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    Is Co-Sleeping for me?

    Hi Everyone! It has truly been a wild journey on this motherhood road, but I definitely would not change anything about it. Before I found out I was pregnant, the hubby…

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    Postpartum Depression

    Hi Everyone! Thanks for checking in to the Grant Chronicles. I created this blog to step out of my box and enter a new stage of my life. However, as I…