Postpartum Depression

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Thanks for checking in to the Grant Chronicles. I created this blog to step out of my box and enter a new stage of my life. However, as I continued to think on how to go about creating this blog, the idea of “help” came to me. So, somehow this blog is leading me in the direction to help as many people as I can. It is creating a purpose within me and that leads me to this particular subject… POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION.

Throughout my entire pregnancy and prior to, I heard about postpartum depression. I read about it and knew a few people who went through it and I always said that I would have a hand on my emotions and would be very mindful of the way I felt after giving birth. I thought I had a pretty good hand on my emotions and I believed it would be very noticeable if things started to shift. How wrong was I? As soon as Olivia was born, I was surrounded by a beautiful support group of my hubby, mom, sister and friends, but the feeling of sadness and being overwhelmed creeped up on me very quickly. Olivia may have been about two weeks old when I started to notice my emotions always being in a sour state. The emotions sometimes gives you a hint that its coming, but most times it hits you like a brick wall. I remember being mad constantly with my Husband for no reason at all. Other times, I would just sit in the room and cry. Olivia would cry constantly at times and I would fumble through scenarios of what to do and then become overwhelmed. Once I realized what was happening, I became even more sad and depressed thinking how could I ever allow myself to get so down.

I expressed myself to my husband and after his urging, we immediately used the great tool of youtube to watch videos of women talking about their experiences with Post Partum Depression. I knew deep down that I was not the only one, but it wasn’t until I saw the videos of the women talking about their experiences and what led them to feeling so down, that something clicked within me. Somehow, I forgot along the way that many women go through that feeling, too and it was in that moment that I decided to do something about it. I realized that I had the ability to get things under control. However, I couldn’t do it alone and I sought out a Psychiatrist who specialized in postpartum depression. After speaking with him, I was prescribed medication and he suggested I attend a woman’s group to talk about my experience of being a mom. At first, I did not want to take medication at all, but I knew I needed it. It helped balance my emotions until I began to do the work on myself. I gained the emotional strength to go through each emotion and move forward. I started to slowly ween myself off the medication as I continued to the emotional work. It was not easy and I had some rough days but now, I am doing just fine emotionally. I remembered times I would fall into a slump of emotions and it seemed so overwhelming but, I eventually worked through them and was able to get things back on track.

If you are feeling down, overwhelmed, and do not know where to turn, PLEASE talk to someone. I am telling you the truth that it will make you feel better. Just being able to express yourself freely to someone will help you realize, even if you think you know it already, that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Many women feel embarrassed about it and do not talk about it too much, but it’s real BUT it can definitely be controlled. If you can’t do it alone, then find someone you can talk to that can find ways that will help you. If you are prescribed medication, take it. I do not recommend you follow my method of self healing and weaning yourself off because that was a choice I made knowing the possible consequences and I did that without consulting my Doctor.
However, you know how you are feeling and it is nothing to be embarrassed about if you are prescribed medication.

I do recommend highly that you talk it out. Find that support group that will be your outlet! In every area, you will be able to find some group where their priority is to help mommy’s get through their emotional state. I am telling you that there is no better feeling than to have a healthy emotional state while caring for your beautiful baby. Babies are susceptible to your energy and vibes, so why not be as healthy and emotionally strong as you can be. You can do this!!!! You will do this!! Honestly, this will all pass by in a flash and you will look back on this moment and realize how far you’ve grown as a woman first and as a mother second! I promise you that you will grow through this and be better because of it. And as you grow, share your feelings with your support group. Don’t forget about them as you feel better. They will be there as a support through your good and bad times.

I hope this will help someone because the women whom I watched on those videos surely helped me and I wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass without extending my hand to help another woman. Please comment below if you or someone you know are going through or have gone through postpartum depression and how you/they overcame it! I look forward to reading your comments.

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