Is Co-Sleeping for me?

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It has truly been a wild journey on this motherhood road, but I definitely would not change anything about it. Before I found out I was pregnant, the hubby and I would always have what if conversations about children just so we would be on the same page when that time came. One of those conversations was about co-sleeping. I was completely against it and said that I would never allow my children to seep with me. I mean, what happens when the hubby and I wanted our own private time? Where would they go? How would that work? Also, when the time came to move them to their own bed, the transition would be so difficult. Jeremy was afraid that he might roll over on the baby in the middle of the night and I just knew that the bed would never be ours again. After so many conversations about the subject, we had a pact and vowed to not allow the baby to sleep with us. Oh how things drastically changed after having my baby girl.

While in the hospital, she slept in the bassinet and it was perfectly fine. When we brought her home, I started her in the bassinet. The first night, she slept in the bassinet maybe half the night. The second night, she slept even less in the bassinet. Basically, she never slept a whole night in the bassinet. I was afraid that she would wake up and move around and I wouldn’t know it. I thought that I needed to see her at every moment to keep an eye on her. The bassinet I had, had a cute, frilly, skirt hanging on the sides which prevented me from seeing through the sides and that made me completely nervous. So, I took her out and laid her on my chest and that is how she slept for the first week or two. My family constantly told me not to allow her to sleep on my chest like that. So, I looked for another option to where I could have Olivia near me during the night and that’s when I came across co-sleepers! The light bulb went off and my heart calmed down.Hallelujah!! I found the holy grail. We placed the order and waited patiently for our savior. Each night inched closer to the day that I would receive the greatest invention ever. We finally received it and I finally was at ease, I slept peacefully.

We purchased the Snuggle Nest and they made two different types of sleepers. One was enclosed all around and the other was enclosed at the head and sides, but not the bottom. We bought the sleeper that was not closed at the bottom. Finally, my little one had her own little bed in the middle of our king size and she was comfortable. The comfort I felt with her sleeping beside me is unexplainable. Due to some circumstances that I will address in another post, I was unable to breastfeed. I felt by not being able to breastfeed, I was missing out on that special bonding time with Olivia. So, by her being able to sleep next to me, I felt I was able to build a bond because she was able to feel me throughout the night and vice versa. I am positive the decision to co-sleep with my daughter was only for my comfort and my sanity. However, if presented with the same situation again, I would not decide to co-sleep again.

For me, co-sleeping worked in the beginning. I was able to relax at night knowing that I could keep an eye on Olivia. However, she never transitioned out of our bed and almost 13 months later, she is still sleeping with us. She is so used to sleeping with us, that she only wants to fall asleep near one of us. It is honestly our fault for not transitioning her to her own bed sooner. I can admit that. Olivia slept in her sleeper for only 2 months until she realized she could slide down and hang out the bottom of it, which she started to do. Eventually, we removed the sleeper and she continued to sleep in our bed without it. At that time, we should’ve put her in her crib. However, we didn’t and know we are here working on transitioning Olivia to her own bed and space because she needs it and so do we!

Basically, you have to know what works for you and what makes you comfortable. FYI: Adult time was still possible although we had to be creative LOL and neither of us rolled over on her accidentally. If you do decide to co-sleep, I would recommend you to buy a Snuggle Nest. That way there is some sort of barrier between you and the baby just in case you may roll.

As we start the journey of transitioning Olivia to her bed, I will definitely share the deets with you guys. In the mean time, said let me know if you co-slept or not and what are your feeling afterwards.

Hey fam, Jeremy here…… I’d have to say co-sleeping was one of the worst parenting decisions I’ve made so far. As new parents of course we read all the blogs, newest studies and yada yada…. So, as you may have assumed we drank the koolaid and thought Olivia would benefit from the extra love. But, our daughter is now one years old and does not want to leave our bed. If she were a calm sleeper I wouldn’t mind as much, except on those nights when the wife and I want alone time 😛 but she sleeps like a wild woman. We wake up in the middle of the night and each time she’s facing different directions. The last few nights she’s taken a liking to snuggling up against one us (mainly me) and scooting so close that we’re half way hanging off the bed. Keep in mind, we have a king size bed and we still have NO space. NONE! The last month or so when she’s tired, she only lays on my pillow and screams until I hear her and won’t stop until I lay next to her and give her a body rub. Was that a gasp I heard? Yes, you read right. She’s one years old and is already demanding massages. SMH. I take the blame for not putting in her own crib sooner. I usually don’t often give advice but, if any new parent ever asks us about co-sleeping…. I’ll be sure to adamantly attempt to discourage them from co-sleeping!

Until next time!
Jeremy &Nicole

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